Beike Q570 Tripod

Rp 690.000

  • Max height: 1410mm
  • Min height: 440mm
  • Weight: 1310g
  • Max tube diameter: 25mm

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Beike Q570 Tripod

Beike Q-570 Professional Traveller’s Ballhead Tripod with Monopod is a light weight tripod for those that are looking for something very compact for travelling use, with 1 leg can be detached and use as a monopod plus do not cost much. It is designed in such a way that it has everything that a travelling professional photographer wants.


  • Monopod- This tripod has an extra function, one of the leg can be used to monopod or alpenstock, Max Height 1460mm. It is light and convenient, also give you other
  • 180° folded design system: with the newly designed structure, the tripod leg can be folded inverted by 180°, make it 25% shorter than ordinary tripod.
  • Leg Section Locking System: Clockwise rotation for locking; contrarotate for loosing, easily control, this will save more time and without the struggle of loose or rotating
    compared with other tripod on the market
  • The knock-down centre column:
    • 2 sections centre column and locking system institutions to height adjustment more convenient, which can ensure stability
    •centre column can be using upside down, inverted to shootor or photography work.
  • Plucking Angle Adjuster: Simply adjust to the your wanted angle high, middle, allowing free adjustment according to actual needs
  • Detachable Matching Ball head: Matching with professional ballhead. Adopt to damping adjustment and clamp plate system, easy operation.
    • Smoothly operate Quick Clamp.
    • Scale for panoramic photography
    • Built-in 2 Bubble levels for easily checking whether horizontal and vertical balance
    • 360° horizontally & 90° vertically Adjustable
  • Closed Foam Grip: it will give you firm and comfortable feeling, especially in cold days, this cold resistant grip act as an insulator between the cold tripod leg and your
  • Spring hook: spring hook is to hang belonging like camera bags or heavy thing to increase stability during windy days..
  • Tripod bags: carry bags are made of top quality materials, providing good protecting to your tripod and head. Also including a holster for monopod for conveniently
  • 180° Folding QZSD-570 Tripod + Detachable Ballhead, Also has Monopod Function for Traveling and Outdoor Photography

Technical specifications:

  • Max height: 1410mm
  • Min height: 440mm
  • Weight: 1310g
  • Max tube diameter: 25mm
  • Max load capacity: 5kg
  • Folded length: 350mm


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