IFootage S1A1 Wireless Motion Controller System

Rp 13.250.000

  • Speed Range: 0.01mm/s-160mm/s
  • Local Accuracy: 0.01mm
  • Load: max 8kg
  • Output Voltage Range: 14.8-24v

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IFootage S1A1 Wireless Motion Controller System

Remote Range
2.4Ghz remote control transmission speed, and up to 10 meters control distance. Shark Slider motorized module will greatly help you to achieve all the difficult angles remotely and you can even mount the slider upside down to the ceiling to get a spider man point of view.

Shooting Mode
The wireless controller has multiple shooting modes. The user can easily set general linear Time-lapse mode, shoot mode and video mode.

User Interface
With the straightforward interface design, users will understand the operational flow quickly, making it easy to control whilst achieving an excellent outcome. With the on-going firmware updates, the user experience will get better from time to time.

Powerful but Silent
Top quality stepper motor, with precision movement control whilst accuracy to 0.01mm. The movement speed is from 0.01mm per second all the way to 160mm per second and is very QUIET.

Preview before Start
Unique preview function, see your framing angle and playback time in real-time before you start your Time-lapse, making it error free, saving time and cost.

Record path
Recorded path function can be used for video recording and time-lapse photography, and is able to set to a loop path. This function is good for interview situations when you need to focus on your object whilst moving at the same time to create the dynamic movement.

Hardware upgrade
S1A1 is fully upgradable to 3 Axis in the future, by adding the additional module. Stay tuned at our facebook page for more information. www.facebook.com/gearcontact.

Future update
With the firmware update, S1A1 will improve the usability and functionality.



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