GP130 – Gopro 3rd Party Backdoor Replacement

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GP130 – Gopro 3rd Party Backdoor Replacement

Gopro 3rd Party Backdoor Replacement adalah Backdoor tambahan untuk Housing GoPro Hero3. Terbuat dari campuran plastik Polyester, karet, dan stainless steel.

Deskripsi tambahan (English):

Key Features

  • Color: Black + transparent white
  • Material: Polyester plastics + rubber + stainless steel
  • Compatible Camera Models: Universal for Gopro Hero3
  • Functions: Replacement waterproof back door for Gropro Hero3

The GoPro HERO cameras all come with a tough, shockproof outer housing. Designed to protect the camera in harsh conditions, an outer housing that is
100% waterproof and working correctly is essential for many sports where snow,
fresh & salt water, mud or sand could damage the camera electronics.
This exact Gopro 3rd Party Backdoor Replacement will fit both the standard waterproof and skeleton open-sided GoPro HD HERO outer housing units.

With a little pressure you can carefully pull the metal bar of the old door away from the housing shell, and then reverse the process to fit the new backdoor onto the housing.
Obviously this will only keep your GoPro safe from water and other liquids when fitted to an existing waterproof (closed) outer housing! The Waterproof Backdoor comes complete with fitted rubber seal and central foam pad to keep your GoPro camera itself snug, sealed, and rattle-free in your outer housing of choice.



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